How To Download Music For Free?

Music is one of the most sorts after content on the internet. There was a time when downloading music was simple, and much less complicated than it has become today. All you had to do was have access to the internet, and PC to PC sharing software. Although portals like those still exists today, treading on them is at your own risk. So the question arises, is there a need to go through all that hassle just to download a few songs here and there, well no. Today you can download music from YouTube, or any music site with just one click, here is how.

For all Android users who are desperately looking for a way to download music, the search is over. With Instube you can download your favourite music track from any site on the internet. Not only that, downloading music is a hassle free task with Instube, all you have to do is install the app on your Android device, once on, you can download any audio file from any site you like.

If you have been on the internet for a while, I mean for a really long time, this name will ring a bell – SoundClick. This app has been around since 1997 and has a giant collection of over 5 million full length songs most of which are absolutely free while some do come with a small price tag. Music can also be streamed online, which is great if you want to listen to the track before downloading it. All in all a great place for people of all platforms to come , share and appreciate music.

If you are into independent music or have an ethical code when it comes to downloading copyrighted music, there are places where you can go too. Sites like PureVolume and Jamendo are great for tracks that are covered by the Creative Commons. Both sites cover nearly a million songs which is a lot of music files to go through.

Other places like Audio Archives, Be Sonic are also great places to get your music quota sorted.

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