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From small businesses, to the multimillion ones, advertising is one of the means to a steady income, and the internet is no exception to that. Ask any professional blogger or someone who runs evens a moderately active site, they will tell you the same thing. The key to a sustaining yourself online is advertising.

There are many advertising apps available online, that help bloggers and websites earn a revenue, but those tools work well only if your audiences relate to those ads. For example, you cannot have the latest mobile phone banner on a site that talks about how to take care of your pet, or have it on a blog that analysis the history of art, it is just wrong. Sadly, many advertising apps tend to lean towards generic advertisements that many a times is off putting rather that tantalising to the reader.

So what can be done in such a situation, well the answer is simple, one can consider opting Infolinks. This California based company is exactly what you need if you are looking for your content specific ads. Infolinks analysis your content inserting and suggesting links that are most suited for your content.

Doing so, Infolinks is now scanning through and analysing more than one trillion words a month, making it the third largest publisher marketplace in the world. Infolinks drives revenues for over 120,000 publishers in over 128 countries, which is safe to say, that with Infolinks your ad space will be well utilized.

Unlike other ad apps, where once you are on board you take the passenger’s seat, with Infolinks, you are still in charge of what’s going on. So you don’t have to compromise with companies, strict ad banners that eat into your web page and splash over your screen. You can choose where to display ads, and how you want them displayed. Infolinks also scans through your content, double underlining your most valued key words, helping you generate income from that as well.

Getting started on Infolinks is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is sign up for the app, click on the join us icon on their website, or go to their Facebook page. The Infolinks team review each application and will get back to you in two working days.  Once you are approved, all you do is add, the Infolinks script to your blog and you are good to go. The best of all, it is absolutely free.

Apart from that Infolinks also offers other goodies, like widgets and plugins for blogging sites like tumbler, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal etc. They are quick to respond to queries and are eager to help, what more do you need. So if you are eager to earn from your website and blog, we highly recommend Infolinks.


Karan Chopra

Karan Chopra

Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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  • Elina Loopez

    That is great to hear that we can control our ads on our own. This is really great because frustrated readers mean huge loss in business. I can never think of such a nightmare. Thanks for sharing.

  • Justin Mark

    It was a good post and assisted me a lot in understanding about the new features of the Infolinks. It is a great platform for bloggers and there are plenty of amazing features that bloggers can enjoy.

    • Yes it is my friend. Need any help or support, buzz me up anytime you wish. I will be happy to help you.

  • Nuttapuk Sodsai

    Pissed off customers and readers is like very bad to have. This decreases traffic to your site and eventually you lose business and end up with everything. Thanks to Infolinks for providing such great ideas for the bloggers. I am a blogger too.

    • Glad you consider using Infolinks. It is indeed a great tool I must say. 🙂

  • Devagya

    I am definitely going to try this platform because I am not getting any ROI from the previous one. I think I am not able to manage it. Lets see how Infolinks platforms help me out achieve my goals.

    • It will work well for sure while if in case you need any support, either buzz me directly or feel free to contact Infolinks team directly. They will surely help you up.

  • Ricky White

    That was a really good post and helpful too. After reading your post I searched on Infolinks and learned few things about it. I am definitely going to consider this platform for my blog as well.

    • Glad on hearing that. I am sure you will definitely like the platform.

  • Lisa Petrili

    That was a really good post and helpful too. After reading your post I searched on Infolinks and learned few things about it. I am definitely going to consider this platform for my blog as well.

    • Glad while if you need any more assistance, feel free to revert back.
      ~ Karan

  • Nail Moran

    Infolinks is a great platform and I am already taking advantages of this platform. This is great to know that it keeps on updating its platform with a variety of features. These features are of real great help

  • Tony Clark

    That was a good one and keep it up. Looking forward for more new and interesting post soon from your side.