Meet Julius Solaris, The Face Behind ShowThemes


Hello Friends! In our this special post, today I am taking this opportunity to interview Julius Solaris, the face behind ShowThemes. A WordPress themes club specializing in bringing the best of event themes.

When and how was ShowThemes created?

Showthemes was born in 2012, although under a different brand – event Manager Shop. It ws a spin off of our blog – a popular destination for event professionals.

How many people currently work at ShowThemes?

We are a team of 5!

The backbone of ShowThemes is WordPress as it is being coined as renowned WordPress Themes Club. How do you think or planned that?

As a blogger I’ve always used WordPress. Since 2004, I’ve opened the code, looked into all the different features, followed evolutions and participated in the community. WordPress is an amazing project and its open source nature guarantees a constant evolution of a solid platform.

You recently launched Vertoh. How and what the core  ideas behind it?

Vertoh is the result of 3 years of learning in terms of what an event website should look like. It comes from the feedback of our 3,000 clients and their thousands of attendees. We know very well events and what an attendee wants. Our perspective is not design, but making an event sell out and the website is the weapon to achieve it. Vertoh sums up all these features. The theme has functionality worth of three standalone WP premium plugins and looks awesome. We are very proud of it.

There are A LOT of theme stores out there, what makes you stand out?

Our focus. We just do themes for events, and we will keep doing that. We are knowledgeable of the demands both event professionals and attendees have. We are not in the business of shiny objects, we are in the business of creating professional solutions for an audience we know very well. We are the only ones offering such service.

Do you have any tips/advice for other people who want to open their own theme store?

I think that finding a focus or niche is the key. Being generalistic doesn’t help. If your competitor sells millions worth of themes you stand no chance, on the other hand if you serve a niche well, you will be able to deliver and grow.

How you see or rate WPLove as one stop destination for WordPress themes?

If you are selecting a WordPress theme for yourself, your blog or business, you need to check out WPLove. Heaps of targeted analysis, collections and tips to select the best theme.

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