SlideDeck – Multiple Content Types, Live Previews, Responsiveness And More

When it comes to planning your slides, there are a few crucial things to consider. The number one thing is whether the slider accepts all sorts of media. For instance, does it support text, images, HTML and video? Is it responsive?

Everyone knows that lots of content are viewed on mobile devices nowadays. So if your slider fails to adopt multiple screen sizes, then you’ve got yourself in a tight corner. What you need in such situation is the premium SlideDeck slider plugin.

SlideDeck is more than just adding media to a slider. It is focused on adding your content – to lead you on a better path. Be it blog articles, videos from YouTube, content from Facebook, or a large number of other options, you can add your data to a whole new, creative level. And that is exactly what I found fascinating about this WordPress slider plugin.

SlideDeck Features

  • Supports different kinds of slides, images, custom HTML, text, and videos
  • 15 lenses (stylizing options for your sliders)
  • Display a live preview of your slider
  • Allows you to create custom responsive sliders
  • Comes in three pricing options – Personal ($27), Professional ($67) and Developer ($97)

#1 Multiple Content Types

A unique feature of SlideDeck that set it above some other slider plugins is that it supports different kinds of slides, images, custom HTML, text, and videos. You are not bogged down with any particular slide type; you can have all video slides, all images or perhaps a combination of different slide types on a single slider!

When you want to set up a slide, just choose it from a drop-down, and you will see all the preferences for the slide type making it easy to customize that slide style to your requirements.

#2 Easy WYSIWYG Editor

All the settings and options when designing your slides with SlideDeck are set within an intuitive UI that is user-friendly and uncomplicated. You can add body text or captions to any slide,  select from predefined styles or make your own, easily upload and/or delete images, choose from multiple layouts for your slides, drag-and-drop your slides and a lot more.

#3 Live Previews

The live preview is probably the best feature of SlideDeck. While creating slides, the plugin will display a live preview of your slider in the dash panel allowing you to see just what it will look like on the front end. If you change your lens (slider style), drag the slides around, modify a slide, etc., you can see all the changes on a live slider that you can experiment with. This help guarantee that when you publish your slider on the front-end, it looks flawless!

#4 Responsiveness

This implies that if you are operating a responsive WP theme, you won’t have any problem working with this plugin too. I checked the responsiveness on their free public demo, and it is quite good. As with any content slider, it is not necessarily 100% perfect responsively – but to be realistic, any site on mobile do not look pretty well as the default full-size website.

#5 Customizability

Now this last point is not so much as a feature but a plethora of everything that is uniquely amazing in SlideDeck. The one thing that really stands out in SlideDeck is the options you get with it. With over 15 lenses (stylizing options for your sliders), 17 sources, you get a combination which is endless; no two sliders made with the help of SlideDeck can ever look the same. Added to this is the multiple font options and other great customizable option, you can really work wonders with this stuff.


The personal version of SlideDeck plugin starts at $27 which is a great deal while the professional and developer version comes at a cost of $67 and $97 respectively. Visit the official website or the SlideDeck WordPress plugin page to find out more and purchase this great WordPress plugin and start creating awesome sliders for your site!


By and large, the SlideDeck plugin is incredibly great. I do not encounter any issues or bugs when trying out the plugin to see how it works. The plugin is swift–you do not need to read any documentation since the whole thing utterly makes sense. It is interesting that the plugin comes with preset styles for integrating captions to the text-only slides, the image slides and the video slides are super cool and powerful. I highly recommend everyone to opt for the plugin when it comes to slides.

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