Can I Write A List For You?

Write For Us

If you are on this page, it means that our lists fascinate you and you too wish to prepare and submit one such list to us for publishing. Well, we do allow contributes to make contributions to the site BUT remember we also got strict guidelines to follow on choosing whose list we can accept. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • You are not at all related to any of the theme either directly or indirectly which you plans on to add in the list. While if in case, if we found at later stage – even when the article already published out – we simply remove it from our publication and make you as a blacklisted author.
  • In any way, you will be not at all paid to add the themes (of your supposed to be clients) in the list. As again if we found this, then this time we not only remove your themes list BUT also put the real face of your client in front of readers that the company has paid the money to include their themes in the list.
  • All we allow is an unbiased themes list, that’s it.

If the above terms and conditions sound good to you and if you found yourself still interested in writing an unbiased themes list for us, then simply share you details with us by filling up the [contact form] along with your proposed themes list article title.