51 Must Tools Which You Definitely Want To Use With WordPress


Over the past few years WordPress has big into rather more than simply a blogging platform. Individuals square measure currently victimization it as a CMS (Content Management System) to power many alternative kinds of websites. Victimization WordPress additional as a customary CMS typically needs some power once building themes and putting in the structure of classes and content.

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1. Relevanssi

The matching engine Relevanssi uses may be a fairly straightforward and in some ways that restricted, however it’s a major improvement over basic WordPress search and offers the mandatory practicality for

2. Final CMS

This is a simple to use Plugin to form, Customize, Manage Custom Post sort, Custom Page sort, Custom Archives, Custom Taxonomies.

3. WP-CMS Post management

Post management from WordPress CMS Modifications builds upon the new controls in WordPress a pair of.7 to relinquish you complete management over your write choices.

4. White Label CMS

Allows complete customization of dashboard panels and logos, removal of menus, giving editors access to widgets and lots additional.

5. User Access Manager

With the “User Access Manager”-plugin you’ll be able to manage the access to your posts, pages and files. You simply produce a user cluster, place registered users to the current and started the rights for this cluster.

6. Additional Fields

More Fields may be a WordPress plugin that adds boxes to the Write/Edit page. These boxes contain input fields, so extra (more) fields is additional to a post.

7. WordPress Navigation List

The WordPress Navigation Tool (NAVT) plugin may be a powerful tool designed to supply you with complete management over the creation, styling and contents of your internet site’s navigation.

8. WPML bilingual CMS Plugin

WPML makes bilingual content management straightforward, rather like running a web site in one language.

9. Mail Press

Allows you to send lovely and titled hypertext mark-up language and plain text mails supported dedicated themes and templates.

10. Page Mash

Customise the order your pages square measure listed in Associate in Nursing manage the parent structure with this straightforward mythical being drag-and-drop body interface with an choice to toggle the page to be hidden from output. Great tool to quickly arrange your page menus.

11. Flexi Pages appliance

Flexi Pages appliance may be a extremely configurable WordPress sidebar appliance to list pages and subpages. Is used as an alternate to the default ‘Pages’ appliance.

12. Role Scoper

Role Scoper may be a comprehensive access management resolution, providing you with CMS-like management of reading and writing permissions. Assign restrictions and roles to specific pages, posts or classes.

13. Yoast Breadcrumbs

Easily add breadcrumbs to your example. If you’re victimization one in all the supported WordPress frameworks, it’s as straightforward as enabling  the plugin and checking the “Try to feature mechanically box”, if you’re not victimization one in all those, adding it’s as straightforward as adding one line of code to your template!

14. WP E-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce pushcart plugin for WordPress is a sublime straightforward to use absolutely featured pushcart application appropriate for commerce your merchandise, services, and or fees on-line.

15. Single Post Templates

The Single Post example plugin adds the flexibility for your theme to incorporate “Post Templates” in a lot of a similar manner you’ll be able to add “Page Templates”, permitting you to decide on (via an easy dropdown) that post example you would like to use, on a per-post basis.

16. CForm II

Cforms may be an extremely customizable, versatile and powerful kind builder plugin, covering a range of use cases and options from attachments to multi kind management; you’ll be able to even have multiple forms on a similar page!

17. Idealien class Enhancements

This plugin makes class templates be selectable by drop-down list from the manage > classes screen of the admin console. It makes the choice / use of class and post templates as straightforward as page templates.

18. WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static hypertext mark-up language files from your dynamic WordPress web log. Once a hypertext mark-up language file is generated your webserver can serve that file rather than process the relatively heavier and dearer WordPress PHP scripts.

19. Permalinks rapt for good

If you only migrated your WordPress web log from one permalink structure to a different, and you don’t need to lose PageRank or traffic that accesses your web log through the recent permalinks, this can be for you.

20. Pods CMS

Pods may be a CMS framework for WordPress. It permits you to feature and show your own content sorts.

21. Flutter

Flutter may be a plugin that offers the administrator custom write panels with the flexibility to feature radio buttons, file uploads, image uploads checkboxes, etc.

22. Scissors

Scissors adds cropping, resizing, and rotating practicality to WordPress’ image transfer and management dialogs. This plugin conjointly permits automatic resizing of pictures after they square measure uploaded and supports automatic and manual watermarking of pictures.

23. TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced adds fifteen plugins to TinyMCE: Advanced unit of time, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Context Menu, Emotions (Smiles), Date and Time, IESpell, Layer, Nonbreaking, Print, Search and Replace, Style, Table, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras.

24. Side Content

Side Content permits you to outline a group of widgets that square measure effectively placeholders. Everyone is empty till you assign content thereto once writing a page. This permits you to increase the content of the page into the sidebar.

25. Multi-level Navigation

Adds Associate in Nursing SEO friendly, accessible dropdown/fly out/slider menu to your WordPress web log.

26. Dashboard Pages

Rather than have a majority of the dashboard widgets cantered on new web log posts and comments, Dashboard Pages puts the sites page listing front and center within the dashboard for easier and faster content management.

27. Custom Admin disapproval

The Custom Admin disapproval Plugin permits you to re-brand the WordPress login screen, the admin header and footer together with your own custom pictures.

28. Backbone

All websites square measure designed on hypertext mark-up language and CSS. These 2 typically go along since hypertext mark-up language that may be a commonplace terminology defines the layout of the net pages whereas CSS defines the visual look and data format of the assorted components.

29. Editor

When planning websites, you possibly ought to do some writing or scripting. One in all the absolute best code editors is Notepad++. With various options like Syntax lightness and Syntax Folding, PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Search/Replace, customizable graphical user interface, document map, machine completion and multi-language support, Notepad++ is unquestionably a high alternative for straightforward writing.

30. Local Development atmosphere

At times you will need to simulate a server on your pc for development functions before loading your web site on Associate in nursing actual server. During this case, XAMPP may be a premium choice. XAMPP is Associate in nursing open supply package that permits PHP Associate in Nursing MySQL development on an Apache server. It’s terribly straightforward to put in and utterly free thus you’ll be able to develop sites while not subscribing to an online hosting package.

31. Frameworks

Despite knowing the way to code, you will still need a fast resolution for straightforward front-end internet development. Bootstrap can assist you with nice tools for planning responsive sites. It accommodates developers of all talent levels and you’ll be able to implement hypertext mark-up language, CSS and JavaScript.

32. Content Management System

We will contemplate WordPress, that is each a free blogging platform and a Content Management System. This can be a family name within the web world. WordPress has big in leaps and bounds to become an online development, powering over sixty million websites. These websites embody individual blogs to mega corporation websites.

33. FTP

File Transfer Protocol that is user to transfer the files to the hosting server. We are going to contemplate FileZilla that may be a leading File Transfer Protocol (FTP) programme.

34. Analytics Tool

We live in a very knowledge driven age wherever knowledge from a range of sources facilitates in giving insights and views. Victimization Google Analytics on your websitecan assist you to seek out lots concerning your site.

35. Firefox Add Ons

When testing your web site on a browser, you will need a tool that may alter you to edit and rectify your code as you browse your web site. Firebug may be a nice choice during this class. Firebug provides you a live read of the action as you edit your hypertext mark-up language, CSS or JavaScript. Firebug conjointly offers an excellent computer programme for JavaScript.

36. Templates and internet style computer code

The last tool, that in all probability covers all potential areas of internet style, is example Toaster. This can be an excellent program with that you’ll be able to produce templates and themes. It’s a WordPress theme builder still as a Joomla, Magneto and Drupal theme creator. With this Joomla example generator, you’ll be able to conjointly style and develop HTML5/CSS3 websites.

37. X Language

X Language may be a full featured plugin permits you to web log in numerous language, and permits user to pick that version to scan. It works for web log post, page, tags, and categories. The user language preferences also will choose the proper theme and plugins MO files.

38. QTranslate

Q-Translatemake creation of bilingual content as straightforward as operating with one language. Here square measure some features:

Q-Translate Services – skilled human and automatic MT with 2 clicksOne-Click-Switching between the languages  amendment the language as straightforward as change between Visual and hypertext mark-uplanguage customizations while not dynamic the .mo. files – Use Quick-Tags instead for straightforward localization

39.  Exec-PHP

The Exec-PHP plugin executes PHP code in posts, pages and text widgets. Options embody

  • Executes PHP code within the excerpt and therefore the content portion of your posts and pages
  • Configurable execution of PHP code in text widgets
  • Write PHP code in acquainted syntax 

40. WP E-Commerce-The WP e-Commerce pushcart plugin for WordPress is a sublime straightforward to use absolutely featured pushcart application appropriate for commerce your merchandise, services, and or fees on-line.

41. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery may be a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow choice. It will flip a daily web log into a strong photo-blog whereas providing you with all the tools to manage it with efficiency and simply.

42. Contact kind seven

Contact kind seven will manage multiple contact forms, and you’ll be able to customise the shape and therefore the mail contents flexibly with straightforward mark-up.

43. Viper’s Video Quick tags

Then this plugin is for you. Merely click one in all the new buttons that this plugin adds to the write screen so paste the uniform resource locator that the video is found at into the prompter’s box straightforward as that.

44. Sharebar

The easiest thanks to get additional traffic to your web site is thru social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. A technique you’ll be able to leverage these sites is to raise your friends for votes. a more robust manner, however, is to position social media buttons on your web site.

45. Google XML Sitemaps

This tool is mostly useful particularly after you have updated your web log, your sitemap are emended and therefore the search engines are hip concerning the amendment.

46. Light box

A pair of – its wont to overlie pictures on the present page

47. Akismet

It’ll check mechanically your comments against the Akismet internet service to envision if they’re spam or not.

 48. WP-DB-Backup

This can permit you simply backup your main WordPress information tables.

WP PageNavi – This plugin can add additional advanced navigation for you WordPress web log.

49. WordPress Post Ratings– an exquisite tool wherever you’ll} be able to see or post ratings on your WordPress web log.

50. Twittletools – this can be a plugin that may produce an entire addition between your WordPress web log and therefore the Twitter account.

51. WP Polls– A plugin to insert your polls by customizing via templates and CSS designs and there square measure several different choices to confirm your polls look the manner you would like it.

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