Backup and Clone Your Sites in Minutes

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Backup Your Website Today

Do you really want to wait till disaster strikes ?

What would you do if your site was hacked today?

What if your developer accidentally makes a change and messes up your entire site?

A small investment today ensures peace of mind tomorrow.

Isn’t your site worth so much more?


BackupBreeze is a must-have WordPress plugin that allows you to auto schedule your WordPress site’s backups.

Enabling automatic backups will give you peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens, you can restore your site in seconds.

BackupBreeze is a part of WPeka Club


Join Now and Download BackUp Breeze and All 100+ Products

  • Access 100+ WordPress plugins and themes

  • Stay updated with new features, critical bug fixes and compatibility features
  • Cancel your membership Anytime
  • Continue to use the products on your site even after your membership is over


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