Build Any Type Of Forms And Surveys With CaptainForm

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Forms and surveys on your website are the best way to aggregate user opinion. Feedback received through forms does not only help you understand your customer better, but also to align your business goals to your customers’ expectations. Although businesses take feedback very seriously these days and are eager to put out forms on their websites, data collection is largely primitive and needs a lot of work to be done at the back end to get some meaningful information. The need of the hour is a smart form builder that can not only gather information for you, but also work with your productivity tools when demanded and that’s the USP of CaptainForm.

As the name suggests, this WordPress form builder is actually the SuperHero of form building on the WordPress platform. There are many form builders out there which promise either responsive forms or aesthetic ones or they are just easy to build. CaptainForm takes it all a step forward and lets you create forms that not only look good and are simple to make, but also work for you.


The intuitive editor on CaptainForm lets you use the drag and drop function to make your forms and surveys, but all this right from within your WordPress dashboard. Even if you are having a little trouble getting started, simply pick a template from the 30 free templates provided to get started and modify it as you go along. Once you begin, the power of CaptainForm starts to show. You can simply integrate data or functionality from a wide variety of services such as PayPal, Google Drive, ZenDesk, Exact Target, Dropbox, Salesforce, Active Campaign and many more right into your form or survey. This unique feature of CaptainForm lets you do away with multiple plugins and make your form/survey work seamlessly.

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Alternatively, it is also capable of working for a diverse range of business functions, from customer acquisition to market research, sales as well as customer feedback. CaptainForm’s superior abilities do not stop here. Once data is acquired, CaptainForm can help you gain meaningful results by creating data reports and even making charts, where required. All you need to do is share these with your collaborators and draw your course of future action. If your data gathering deals with sensitive information, CaptainForm offers the option of using SSL encryption and even password protection, along with the industry standard of using CAPTCHA. Simply pick the security feature you need and your form will be built without any hassle.


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With so many features and superior abilities, CaptainForm might sound unaffordable for individuals or small businesses. But developers at CaptainForm have ensured that even the simplest of WordPress users do not miss out on this offering. A basic plan allows users of a single website to maintain up to 3 forms and 100 MB storage for absolutely no fee ever. As your requirements grow, you may choose to update your plan to Apprentice ($35/year) or Master ($95/year) or even the Hero ($195/year) with the last one giving you the freedom to make unlimited forms with unlimited fields to be used on an unlimited number of WordPress sites, facilitating over 100,000 submissions every month and storage of up to 10 GB.


The best part of CaptainForm is yet to come. Once you sign up, you get immediate access to unlimited customer support, irrespective of the plan you sign up for. The dedicated customer support team will offer all the help you might need to set up your form on the site, without any caps on the time needed to help you out. With a 30 day money back guarantee and the option to quit the subscription at any moment you want, CaptainForm clearly focuses on customer happiness more than anything else. Signing up is extremely easy and so is installing the plugin. Add the amazing power of forms to your WordPress site and your business, with just a simple click of a button. So, why wait any further? Use CaptainForm today!

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