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The e-learning business is on the rise, and the internet is the perfect place for it to boom. Online courses, webinars, online training, are the latest trend. It has been estimated that the e-learning industry is worth $56.2 billion, and this is was just last year. These numbers are said to double by this year end. Almost every company in the world today, uses online courses and training to better the workability of their employees. This excludes the students who are thronging sites that have flexible courses that not only accommodating with time, but also add a new dimension to their repertoire of skill sets.

So it is clear that e-learning and everything to do with e-learning is on a big time high. So if you are planning to get into this niche, there has been no better time to do so, and LifterLMS is the perfect software to help you with it. The LifterLMS is great Learning Management software; it is clean, manageable, and easy to use, with a lot to offer. If you are looking for easy to use software that assists you in taking you educative site to a whole new level it is LifterLMS. The LMS is great to build new courses, strategize, makes tests and quizzes as well as track modules, which are just a few of it functions.

The LifterLMS supports audio, video as well as text based material. You can also have virtual classroom, discussion rooms that not only allow group discussions, but also a space where students can interact with the teacher. Apart from this the LMS also allows provision for students to upload files, documents and other supplementary material. The LifterLMS can also be integrated with Google Hangout, to make it more interactive and usable.

With the LifterLMS, you can design unique ways to give students incentives on their course. You can award achievements with virtual batches for milestones achieved. The LMS also allows you to make certificates as well as manage coupons, if you are in a mood to promote your business.

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With an academic website, you would have quizzes lined up to test the ability of your students. With LifterLMS, quizzing will be that easy, grading the work, even easier. Remember, LifterLMS was made by educators for educators, so every little detail of the process is well thought about, which means you will need very little help from any other app or plugin to go about functioning with the LMS. This brings us to the key feature which is the fact that you do not need any third party software to take care of anything.

Things like shopping cart; payments etc. are also thought of and included into the LifterLMS. Things like PayPal, Stripe, WooComerce are all integrated into the LifterLMS. The built in eCommerce Analytics, takes care of things like subscription, fees and managing your finances. Thing like prices of only the course or a subscription fee, can be calculated on the LMS itself and even things like taxes is taken care by the LMS, now that’s what we call an all in one package.

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