Meet A2 Hosting, The Excellent Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting plan that sees mostly to the technical aspect of maintaining your WordPress website, this allows you to focus more on developing content instead of spending most of your time on maintenance. Tasks like backups, security, optimizing speed, WordPress updates etc. are performed by the host. Most hosting providers give access to premium themes, plugins and other WordPress components free of charge on this hosting plan. Though Managed WordPress Hosting is usually more expensive than its shared counterpart, it has more to offer as highlighted below.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Super-Fast: Managed WordPress Hosting servers are dedicated servers and are specifically configured for WordPress, even with excess traffic the website will load faster.
  • Maximum Security: hosting your WordPress website on a Managed WordPress Host simply make you hack-proof. Apart from the fact that your website security is being actively monitored by your hosting provider, you as the only user of the server also make it less vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Expert Support: there are experienced personnel reserved to give support on any issue you might be having with your WordPress website. These experts are dedicated to the service of clients who purchased the Managed WordPress Hosting plans, so they respond and deliver fast.
  • Daily Backups: your website daily backup will be done for you, and you also have access to restore points in case you want to revert.
  • Automatic updates: you don’t have to worry about updating your WordPress script and its various components such as themes, plugins etc. all the updates will be automatically done by the hosting provider.
  • 24/7 uptime: there is no downtime whatsoever on Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Developer Tools: you have access to various developer tools such as version control, staging area etc.

Who needs Managed WordPress Hosting plan?

If not for the price, I would say every WordPress users; from beginners to experts. This hosting plan is ideal for WordPress beginners who haven’t got enough knowledge to maintain their WordPress website, majority or all the maintenance aspects will be taken care of by your hosting provider, and you will also get support on issues you can’t solve. Though WordPress has been designed to optimize security, what pays better than having an extra layer of security from your hosting provider? Managed WordPress Hosting may be a bit disadvantageous to WordPress experts because they can’t have 100% control but still saves a lot of time they would be spending maintaining the website.  Also, if you are expecting huge traffic and you want your website to not reduce performance under such traffic, a Managed WordPress Hosting is your best option. If you are one of the busy types, it is either you hire a system admin or get a Managed WordPress Hosting plan, either way, you will have fewer tasks to perform in the little time you have.

Where can you get the best Managed WordPress Hosting plan?

A2 Hosting offers Managed WordPress Hosting plans with most amazing features; 20 X Faster servers, site staging, free Jetpack Personal License, WP-CLI (command line interface for WordPress), etc. A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is affordable and has three different plans suitable for your individual hosting needs.

And of course, if Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you, A2 offers a variety of services from standard Shared Web Hosting, Fully Managed VPS Hosting and more!

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