Meet NextGen Gallery – The Most Popular WordPress Gallery Plugin

There is nothing like having a dependable image gallery for your WordPress website. While WordPress comes with its own inbuilt gallery option, it is quite restrictive when you have to contend with lots of photos and albums. With the right image gallery plugin, you don’t have to worry yourself with image management, and flexibility. A proper image gallery plugin gives you lots of image options and delivery.

Although just about anyone can use photo gallery plugins for their WordPress website, it is more suited to people who have an image-focused site such as photographers, travel bloggers and so on.

Having an image gallery is very essential irrespective of what you do. The right photo gallery does not only help you to add high-quality photos on your website, but it also helps with image organization as well as other features. Personal bloggers, eCommerce shop owners, photographers and more would find an image gallery to be extremely beneficial.

Mind you, using the in-built gallery option on WordPress is quite effective for websites that are not image-focused; it can be a burden actually to use. However, there is good news. There is a WordPress gallery plugin that allow you to create your gallery and also manage your image content easily. One of such plugins is NextGen Gallery.

Using A Photo Gallery plugin

With emphasis now shifting to image-centered content, the need for a responsive, effective, and flexible way to upload, manage, and use images on websites is growing.

To achieve all of the above and more, you require a Gallery plugin. The right gallery plugin would help you in so many ways, and essentially it means you are not restricted in what you do. The truth is that clients pay lots of attention to how images look on your website, and they often base their decisions on the aesthetics of your site. The lack of a photo gallery plugin means you deprive clients and visitors of an enticing user- experience among other things.

Having a photo gallery plugin like NextGen cannot be overemphasized. NextGen Gallery plugin offers a simple way to upload and image your photos and albums on WordPress. It is designed with an extensive features list that provides eCommerce store owners, photographers, and website owners the chance to experience a unique management experience. It is ideal for both newbies and professional site owners. It comes with basic and advanced features. Some of the advanced features of the NextGen Gallery plugin include client proofing, eCommerce integration, print lab integration.

NextGen Gallery

The NextGen Gallery plugin allows you to add images to a gallery easily. You can use it to set group galleries, tag cloud among other things. Sites that deal with lots of photographs need a responsive tool to arrange and manage your photos. NextGen offers the right functionality mixed with perfect delivery of service.

Using NextGen Gallery

The plugin is ideal for people who work with lots of images. Ecommerce store owners, graphic artists, travel bloggers, and photographers fall into this category. It has incredible functionality, along with a unique way of helping you manage your images.

The NextGen Gallery is ideally suited for;

  • People who have a close working environment with clients. The plugin gives you lots of client features and interactive options such as Client proofing and Lightroom integration.
  • People who want an efficient way to sell their images. You can use the eCommerce features to see your images in print or digital forms.
  • People who work with several photos and albums. You can employ the bulk management features to ease your burden.
  • People who find the inbuilt WordPress Gallery limiting.


NextGen Gallery is available as a free version as well as a premium packages. The features of the free version are quite limited, but they still do a useful job.

The premium version is divided into three packages; NextGen Plus, NextGen Pro, and NextGen Pro Lifetime

The first plan is the Next Plus Plan, and it goes for $79. Buying this plan gives you access to Pro support, gallery extensions, as well as the pro lightbox extension

The next premium plan is the NextGen Pro, and it goes for $139. This plan includes the features from the NextGen Plus Plan along with eCommerce extensions and more. The NextGen Pro plan gives you access to all the features of the NextGen Gallery bar the lifetime features.

The NextGen Lifetime plan gives you lifetime access to support and updates in addition to other features mentioned above.

Comprehensive Support

NextGen Gallery is a customer-first plugin. They do a great of providing an enabling environment where new users and professionals can easily make use of the plugin. Usability, features, and user-friendliness are some of the areas the plugin truly shines.

If you need a guide or a detailed explanation of the plugin features, you can take a look at the website as it provides tutorials, guides, and tips. You can also get in touch with support personnel to answer your questions and queries.

Final Verdict

There are lots of gallery plugins available on WordPress, and as such, it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one suited to your needs. One of the leading gallery plugins on WordPress is the NextGen Gallery plugin. It comes as both a free and premium version. The plugin enables you to create photo galleries and albums on your WordPress website. NextGen Gallery is quite effective and efficient when it comes to organizing and arranging your images. It allows you to upload your images in bulk, import from a sever, general album management, and more.

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