Review – ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch Phone

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Smart watches are the trend right now, sync it to your phone and you are all set to rock and roll. But you know what is better than a watch that just syncs to your phone, a smartphone that also doubles as a mobile phone. What’s more you can get the smart watch on GearBest with free shipping.

The ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch phone can connect to any Android Powered phone, which means it is compatible to most of the phones in the market. The ZGPAZ S29 sports a 1.54 inch brilliantly smooth touch screen, which comes with TFT display and works on the resistance touch model. The body is made up of sturdy, silicon, plastic mixture that gives the ZGPAX S29 flexibility and sturdiness as well as it feels comfortable to wear.

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The Smart Watch comes with a 0.3 MP camera, so that you don’t lose a single moment worth capturing, as well as an MP3 FM for your music cravings in the day. The most important feature of the Smart Watch is the fact that it doubles as a mobile phone as well. The ZGPAX S29 supports a SIM card slot, which can accommodate one Micro SIM.

The Smart Watch also comes with Blue tooth V3.0, which means it, can sync up to your phones with ease. The ZGPAX S29 also comes with a Micro USB slot which offers maximum connectivity as well as makes the watch externally versatile. Moreover it supports 10 languages, which include your Standard English, French and German, apart from that it also supports Russian, Arabic and Turkish, which we don’t get to see very often. Point to note is that this smart watch does not support Chinese.

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ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch Phone is found at, where you can get more information about the product. While the ZGPAX S29 is retailed at $99, Gearbest offers this Smart Watch for just $28, which a discount of 72%, which is amazing.

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