Reviewed – Themify Premium WordPress Themes Club


WordPress is a great platform to open a blog, start selling your merchandise or simple rant about things you love the most. People like WordPress because it is sleek, classy and smooth on every device in the web sphere. The only drawback with WordPress is getting your mind around manoeuvring a template or having the webpage a shade lighter than it already is. Often this leads to people pulling their hair out and taking professional help.

If you have a business running that can take the forthcoming expenses, professional help is not a big deal. But what if you are just starting off and are on a shoe string budget? Things can get real tight sometimes and you have no option but to say, ‘fine, I will conquer this mountain’. If you already have, good for you, you can boast of another skill set you have added to your repertoire, but if you are anything like me, who gets easily bored, frustrated and who cannot muster up the courage to work to gain technical wisdom, then for those of us, there is Themify.

Themify is a great framework that allows the technically challenged layman or even professional web designer looking to flex some designing muscle on an already existent template. Themify offers you the flexibility of managing, designing and giving your own vision and direction to your website or blog. When you join the Themify Club, you get access to all themes at Themify and year around support. Different Club plans give you access to Photoshop files and plugins for your site. The Club Plan also gives you access to utilise themes for an unlimited number of sites whether they belong to you or your client.


Themify Flow is a new offering from Themify that gives you the freedom of designing your own site but for no charges at all. While Themify lets you choose a theme you like and improvise on it, Themify Flow lets you work from scratch and design the site just the way you want. Themify Flow comes with a simple drag and drop editor that helps you create responsive web pages that can captivate your readers and make a lasting impression.

Being an open source project, Themify Flow lets you build new themes, use them and even sell them to your clients, without charging you a single cent. There is no limit on how many templates or themes you design. With Themify Flow, if you have the creative skills, you can become a WordPress theme designer without even having to know coding whatsoever.

All you need to do is download the framework and start using it to design webpages that you love. Themify Flow offers ‘Live Previews’ too, so you can keep a track on changes you are making as you go and quickly revert any minor changes that you do not like. Even Styling of your webpage is through an easy to use panel and you will never face an issue changing colours, fonts or images on your site.

Themify Flow uses HTML5 and is SEO friendly. Built with a modular coding system, Themify delivers quick performance with its fly weight structure. Along with the ability to deliver faster loading times and the ease of designing that it offers, Themify Flow is simply a powerful framework made available to developers and users alike. The best part is that this is just the first release of Themify Flow and a lot more will be added with later versions. For now, the simplicity of the framework and open source nature make it a tool that you have to recommend. Why not try our Themify today?

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